Prep for the Holidays

Pumpkins, gourds, and turkeys- oh my! With fall and winter comes holiday after holiday, and what’s more is there is very little time in-between each holiday.  This time of year is busy and with the family getting together every other weekend, your time for decor is stretched thin. Don’t wait, prep your home until the holiday season kicks into full gear. Take some time get your house prepped for guests and the holidays.

We tasked our Inspiration Team to create some simple, beautiful designs to help us get inspired. Boy, did they deliver. These wonderful spaces are not only cozy and ready for entertaining, but are easy to tailor to your own unique style.

Using #AtHomeFinds and #AtHomeInspired show us how you use accents to easily transition your décor to pre your home for the holidays

 Inspiration Team ‘Prep for the Holidays’ Designs